Website Design For My Virtual Flea Market

myvirtualfleamarketGary contacted us about a month ago with a request to create an online auction website. He also wanted the ability to allow for fixed-price items, similar to classified listings.

Once we got the initial deposit from Gary, we started on the work right away. Initially, the first auction system we chose did not meet the expectations of us or Gary, so we “ate” the cost of this mistake and went to another system that was much more capable with his requests.

Even so, Gary had specific features and requests that he wanted to have on the website, which required some custom programming to fully integrate and get working.

One of the main aspects that Gary needed was the ability to receive a commission/percentage of any auctions that sold where the buyers did pay for them. He did not want to deal with sellers that may not pay their commission/percentage for using his website as an outlet for selling their products. What we came up with – was the PayPal Adaptive Payments system. This allows payments to be sent to multiple individuals at the same time. In essence, the buyer is sent to the PayPal page to make a payment, and they are automatically paying the percentage to Gary and the balance is then sent to the seller’s account.

We also assisted Gary with the integration of some Amazon affiliate banners at the top and bottom of the website.

The website has now been completed and has been launched!

We appreciate the business from Gary and his patience as we worked through each of the features and customizations that he wanted.

The My Virtual Flea Market website is at