Website Design for Quad City Federation of Labor

Amy from the Quad City Federation of Labor was referred to us by another trades organization in their area several months ago.

They had a website already through the hosted WordPress website, but their actual domain name was not pointed to the site.  Therefore, they wanted to go through a website overhaul to have a site that had their actual domain name and would show up properly in the search results.

We worked with Amy over the phone a couple of times to gather their requirements for the site and then we supplied an estimate.  After the funding was approved, we got started on the website very quickly.

The website consists of 18 total pages, a website calendar, a basic contact form, hover over / drop down menu navigation, and mobile device compatibility.

Yesterday, Amy indicated that the website was completed and ready to go!  We’ll continue to work with her as she has questions or any issues making changes to their site.

The website for the Quad City Federation of Labor is at