Website Design for Santa Fe Door and Window Tech

Kevin, the owner of Santa Fe Door and Window Tech, reached out to us in mid-June.  He had a website for his business but unfortunately, the domain name lapsed and someone else took his domain.  Additionally, he couldn’t get into the hosting account where the site was – so he needed to get set back up.

Since the domain name was already taken by someone else, we had to register a new domain for him.  We were able to use the “Wayback Machine” website ( to see generally how he had the website before.

We used that information to re-create the site as close as possible – with updated pictures.

The website is a two-page site with most of the info on the homepage – then a second page for the updated pictures.  The site also has a contact form and is mobile friendly.

The site for Santa Fe Door and Window Tech is at

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