Website Design for Simple Minds Life Coaching Services

Nicole, the owner of Simple Minds Life Coaching Services, contacted us back in March of 2021 asking about our website design services.  We communicated with Nicole about our pricing and the capabilities that we could help her with.

After some time passed, she reached back out to us in August and indicated she was about ready to get started.  We discussed her needs again and she said a simple three-page website with a basic contact form and PayPal integration was what she wanted to start with for now.

In mid-September, the initial payment was sent in and we supplied Nicole with our simple “checklist” of items needed to start on the site.  She got this completed and we added all of the information to the site within a few days.

She is pending a new phone number, but otherwise the website is done and it is now public!

The site for Simple Minds Life Coaching Services is at

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