Website Design For Sow Good Ministries, Inc.

Michael from Sow Good Ministries, Inc. reached out to us a few months ago needing to have a very simple website created for their project.

Their project idea is to get the population involved with creating rocks with positive and uplifting messages on them – and then “sow” them throughout their communities.  Then as others see the rocks, they will pick up the rocks and move them elsewhere for someone else to see.  The process continues.

Michael needed an informational site that explained the idea and how to get involved – along with a link to their Facebook page which would allow individuals to post the rocks they create and the rocks they find throughout their communities.

It took a few months to complete the project as Michael had other priorities but slowly sent the info to us.  We just received the last of the updates – including the Facebook page link – late last week.

The website for Sow Good Ministries, Inc. is at