Website Design For Spirit Eagle Soaring

Spirit Eagle SoaringSusan contacted us several months ago in order to get a website started for her business.  When she first contacted us, she wanted to get several domain names registered and locked in.

Upon payment of the domains, we got those registered and set aside for her.

Next, she had a picture that she needed to have some modifications completed.  Our graphic designer, Dan, worked closely with Susan to provide the exact changes that she wanted on her picture.  Susan was very happy with the work that our graphic designer did – and the time frame that it was completed in.

After a few months passed, Susan then asked us to help convert some music files on a CD to mp3 files.  She sent us the CD in the mail and we got the files converted and sent to her.

Finally, this week she contacted us again and wanted to get her website started.  She was very quick at providing us the feedback and the information that she wanted on the website.  In just two days, we completed her website and it has launched!

Her website has several features and pages on it.  It includes PayPal integration, two contact forms, a blog capability, and website stats.

We appreciate the business from Susan!

The Spirit Eagle Soaring website is at