Website Design for Storm Repair Now

Charles contacted us on Tuesday, September 15th asking about getting a very simple one-page website created to capture contact information.  He is part of a storm cleanup and roof tarping business that will bill insurance carriers for emergency repairs after large storms and hurricanes.

The website came to fruition as a need after Hurricane Sally.  The hurricane was originally forecast to go through Louisiana and the site was going to focus on that area.  However, the storm stopped out in the Gulf just south of the Mobile/Pensacola area and started heading north – making landfall between the two cities.

Therefore, the domain name was changed to ‘’ instead.

Charles had the information sent to us the same day and the initial payment was made very early on Wednesday morning.  The site was completed within 12 hours and then changes were just made today with the new domain name request.

We appreciate the business from Charles!

Their website is at

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