Website Design for T & W Farm Equipment

twfarmOne of our long-time customers has been very pleased with our services.  They operate a computer repair shop and sometimes have customers ask them about website design services.

In the case of T & W Farm Equipment, they were one such customer that was referred to us.  T & W Farm sells new and used farm equipment and they are located in Tennessee.  They were requesting to have a website created that contained their product catalog – but not the ability to actually purchase the items on their website.

BsnTech Networks delivered with a website that does just that; it is a product catalog website.  Patricia, one of the owners of T & W Farm, will be managing the website and updating the catalog as needed.  BsnTech provides easy-to-follow video tutorials for our customers.  This empowers them to be able to make the changes and manage the site themselves – therefore saving considerable cost with us doing any updates for them.

We appreciate the referrals from our customers and it certainly shows that BsnTech Networks strives to exceed our customer’s expectations and provide them constant and fast service when needed.

The website for T & W Farm Equipment is

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