Website Design for The Purrfect Pour Cat Cafe

Daniel and Leslie, the owners of The Purrfect Pour Cat Cafe, contacted BsnTech Networks in mid-January looking for a cost estimate to make a website.  They were opening a cat cafe and adoption center in the Charlotte NC area and had a slated opening date in March 2024.

Daniel and Leslie supplied an example website that they liked which helped us understand more about what they were wanting.

Initially we were going to use a booking platform directly on the website but after gathering their requirements, an external booking company was necessary to provide the capabilities they needed.

We worked on the website over the past few months.  They were not quite ready to open the facility especially with contractor and permit delays, so they opened a little behind schedule.

The website has a total of six pages.  It is mobile friendly, includes a social networking bar, hover over / drop down menu navigation, a basic contact form for their online waiver, and the integration with their booking platform.

The site is completed and they have been using it for the past several weeks – gathering over 1,300 shares of their website on social media so far!

The Purrfect Pour Cat Cafe’s website is at