Website Design for Universal 4K IPTV

Henry reached out to us in July to get information on our website design pricing.  He started an IPTV service, called Universal 4K IPTV.

In late July, he was ready to start and also asked to have us create a logo as well.

The logo was completed quickly and it was approved by Henry within a week.  He then got busy on other activities.  We checked in with him over a few months, and he was ready to get the site started.  We began working on the website in mid-September and had the site mostly completed within a few days.  There were some difficulties with getting the PayPal integration completed but that was resolved.

Henry’s website has a total of five pages, a basic contact form, it is mobile friendly, it has PayPal integration for the subscription purchases, and an “accordion” feature for the FAQs so they drop-down when the question is clicked.

The website for Universal 4K IPTV is at