Website Design for Vegan Pride Foods

Shauna contacted at the beginning of January asking for help creating a website.  During our conversations, she also mentioned having another website that was done earlier and needed some help finishing it.

The new website she wanted to start is for a meal prep business – Vegan Pride Foods.  The goal of her online business is to offer vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free food options.

After some conversations with her, we initially turned down the work since we thought it was going to be beyond our abilities to create this site.  But after a few more phone conversations, we were able to narrow down what her requirements were and she wanted to proceed.

The website has a total of four pages in addition to four six product categories.  The website is mobile friendly, it has eCommerce capabilities, a basic contact form for email inquiries, social networking integration, website stats to monitor website usage, and a blog so she can write articles on the site.

Today, the website was fully finished and is open for business!

You can find the site at