Website Design for Veteran’s Pride Home Inspecting, LLC

Shane, the owner of Veteran’s Pride Home Inspecting, LLC, contacted us near the beginning of December asking about our website design services.  We had a phone conversation with Shane and he noted that there was already a domain name that he purchased, but he was open to suggestions.  Through the consulting, we agreed to change his domain name to something that specifically pointed out the reason for his business – home inspections.

Shane took a few weeks to get the material together that he wanted on the website since it was during the holiday season.  This week, he sent the information to put on the website and we had it completed within one day.

The website has six pages, a basic contact form, it is mobile device compatible, and it also has hover over / drop down menu navigation features.

After a few changes to the website that Shane requested, the site has now been approved and completed!

The website for Veterans Pride Home Inspecting, LLC is at

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