Website Design for West Maui Signs

Ken, the owner of West Maui Signs, reached out to us several months ago asking about our website services.  He was referred to us by Tom, one of our customers that owns Classic Signs.  Tom has referred several customers to us over the past couple of years due to our diligence and ease to work with.

Ken had a very old website that was a Flash animated site.  The site was never fully completed.  Because Flash does not work on the majority of web browsers now, the website was pretty well useless.

After some time, Ken was ready to move forward.  He was also using Yahoo as his hosting provider and was not pleased with the level of support they provided him.  So we also took on the website hosting for him as well.

Ken was instrumental in providing us the exact images he wanted and a blueprint for what he wanted on the website.  While it did take a few months to perfect the website, he wanted to ensure the new site met his vision and had a great eye appeal to it.

The site has been fully completed and is now open to the public!

Ken’s website is at