Website Design for Wilson Express, LLC

Charles, the owner of Wilson Express LLC, contacted us a couple weeks back by phone.  He was interested in getting a basic website started for his truck and hauling business.

Initially, he wanted to start small with just a basic three page website.  We provided the estimate to Charles and we got the order placed right away.  He had us setup two email accounts with the web hosting and also register and provide domain name management services as well.

Once the basic site was done, Charles wanted to take it up a notch and add a couple more items – a customer service inquiry form and an online employment form.  Due to the nature of the employment/personal data requested, we advised that an SSL security certificate was also needed, which he agreed.

The forms and the security certificate were added to the site earlier in the week.  Today, he reached out asking us to make a final change and the website was made live!

We appreciate Charles business.  He has mentioned that he was very pleased with our responsiveness and has informed a few other of his colleagues about our service.

The website for Wilson Express LLC is at