Website Design For Harry Ryan Dennis – Texas Songwriter

Ryan contacted BsnTech a few weeks back inquiring about website design services.  He is a musician and has his music on other websites to sell.  However, by the time he had to pay their fees, he was getting a very small percentage of the proceeds from his music.

This is why he contacted us – he wanted to know if it was possible to create a music website where he could sell his tracks and albums directly without having a middle-man take a big cut of his work.

We had just the setup for him!  We gave Ryan the pricing for a site that would allow him to receive payments through PayPal – and the site would be completely automated and provide the customer a download link to the music upon payment.

After a couple weeks passed, Ryan was ready to get started on the site.  He provided us the album covers along with all of the songs.  We setup the website for him in a few days and he was ready to start selling himself!

The website for Ryan’s music site is at

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