Website Design For JW Jones Company

jwjonescompanyTrent, a representative of JW Jones Company, contacted us to have a new website created for the company.

He said that the current website was outdated and extremely difficult to update.  When they needed to add equipment to their website, it required a lot of work to manually update links and several pages to include the new equipment (or to remove equipment).

Trent noted that he got a couple of other quotes were extremely high.  He was referred to us by one of our partners, Midwest First Wireless Internet.

We provided Trent a quote for the website and he immediately wanted to get started.  Upon further communications with him, our quote was 90% less than others that he received.

The main factor of the website was to create an equipment inventory on the site which was easier to manage and update.  With the systems we use to create websites, the inventory is ‘dynamic’, you simply create a new piece of inventory, add a description, title, upload some pictures, and add it to one or more categories.  Upon saving, it is automatically added to the pages for those inventory pages.

Trent also noted that they had two separate websites – one for English and one for Spanish.  With the new site, they decided to use the Google Translation bar in order to have only one website – instead of having two duplicate sites in a different language.

Today, the website was just transferred to their hosting provider and it is now live!

We appreciate the opportunity to create this website for Trent and JW Jones Company.  He has already expressed that he will be using us for future requests as well.

The website for JW Jones Company is