Website Design For Live, Laugh, Photograph

livelaughphotographDanielle, the owner of Live, Laugh, Photograph – contacted us to have some website work done.  She already had a website which was created using the GoDaddy Website Builder.  However, she wanted to have the website ‘transferred’ to a WordPress website.

Upon getting the login information from Danielle, we started work right away.  The majority of the site was completed (minus the picture gallery photos) within just one day.  After a few layout and style changes, the website was completed.

Danielle has noted that she plans to have us do a full overhaul of the website based on another site that she likes.  That project will be forthcoming soon.

We appreciate the business from Danielle and look forward to the website update!

Because the website is not yet published, the link is not available.  However, when the site is published, the site will be at