Website Design For No More Deception

Sheridan was referred to us by one of our other customers, Shawn of the Computer Pros.

Sheridan is an author and wrote a book and was looking to get a personal website created for her book.  She also wanted a place to write a blog on a regular basis and provide outreach to other victims of sexual abuse.

After Sheridan put her materials together, we got started on her website.  After a couple of weeks of making some changes, Sheridan has approved of the website today and it is now published!

Sheridan’s website also offers the ability to purchase her book directly from her website.  Although her book is also sold at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon, she noted that she only got about 50% of the proceeds from the book sales through those outlets.  Therefore, we also setup the ability for her to sell the book directly from her site and directly receive payments through PayPal.  Because of this, she will now get to keep almost double the amount that the other vendors would give her!

We appreciate the business from Sheridan and look forward to helping her with her website needs over many years!

Sheridan’s website is at

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