Website Design & Video Editing for Grandpa Muscles

A customer reached out to us needing a website created.  Him & his son had a great idea to put online – something that they came up with on their own.

He is known as “grandpa muscles” and he wanted to have a website to sell his information on how he has been able to curl 200 pounds – over his body weight.

We got started on the website promptly after the initial payment from them.  He had a Word document and wanted the website to look identical to the file he sent.  No other bells and whistles – except the ability to have the website be translated into various languages easily, so we integrated the Google Translation capability.

The main aspect of the site was for him to tell his story and then lead customers to purchasing his information.  Upon payment, customers received an email with a download link to get their download – so nothing needs shipped and it is immediately available to customers.

When the majority of the site was done, the customer also mentioned that his son took a video of him curling the weights – and he wanted that to be edited a bit and put on the website as proof.  We got the video from Grandpa Muscles and made the requested edits within 48 hours.

The website is done and open for business!

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