Website Design for Voodoo Engraving

Billy, the owner of Voodoo Engraving, reached out to us a few months ago.  He had created a website himself but wasn’t happy with how it looked.  Therefore, he wanted us to create a new website.

The main theme of his site is New Orleans and “voodoo” – which goes along with his story on how he decided to name his business.  He provides a wide range of engraving services at very low pricing.

We created the website fairly quickly upon the initial payment, but Billy let us know he wasn’t completely happy with the work at that point.  He re-grouped and a few weeks ago to provide additional guidance.  Initially when we made the site, we put the picture gallery on the homepage so everything was available to the customer right away.  Instead, we split the gallery up until a few different pages so each gallery was specific to the type of engraving that he has provided.

The website is now completed and approved!

The site for Voodoo Engraving is at

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