Website Design for West Coast Investigations, LLC

Mike sent us an e-mail over the weekend asking about website design services.  We promptly called him and worked with him regarding his website requirements.

Mike was the owner of West Coast Investigations, LLC – which provides security and private investigation services in the Las Vegas, NV area.  He noted that he had received other quotes from web designers and said ‘each time I talk to someone, the price just goes up’.

After we provided our pricing to him, he immediately wanted to get started on the website.

Mike wanted to ensure his e-mail accounts stayed at their current provider and that all five of his domain names would point to his site.  We worked with him to ensure this was setup correctly.

We then started work on the website the next day (on a Sunday) and had the majority of it completed.  On Monday, the final work was completed and the website was launched!

We appreciate the business from Mike and look forward to helping him with his website needs in the future.

The website for West Coast Investigations, LLC is at