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BsnTech Networks has over 10 years of experience with web design and related services! Our expert website designers are ready to work for you. Our rates start at $75 for a basic, three-page informative website.

When it comes to website design, it is important to understand what you need in a website.  Below is a general checklist of things that you need to consider when you want to have a website designed.  Most customers already have some of these answered.

What Kind of Website Design You Need

Professional Website Design ServicesBefore contacting a website designer, you will need to determine what kind of website you want.  This means that you’ll need to decide if you want a personal website that will just detail information about you or a family, if you want a small business website that provides information to customers, if you want an eCommerce website to sell products online, etc.  This is one of the first parts of planning that should go into the blueprint of your site.

Personal or family-oriented websites typically are created for those that wish to share articles or publish a blog online.  These sites are also used to share pictures or achievements for the world to view.

A small business website is one which is for providing information to potential customers.  Small business websites can also contain pictures – but they usually also provide contact information, hours of operation, information about the services or products offered, and maybe even a calendar of events or a place to allow customers to pay a bill with a credit or debit card.

An eCommerce site has the sole function of selling products on a website.  These sites can have hundreds – if not thousands of products for sale.  Shopping cart technologies are used so visitors can purchase multiple items.  Sales tax, shipping charges, the usage of coupons, and payment systems using credit or debit cards are employed.

Design & Layout Of Your Site

Creative Website Design LayoutAfter determining what kind of website you are looking for, it is then time to be creative and decide what color scheme you want on your website along with the layout.  Will you want to have your main navigation across the top of your site, on the side, or both?  Will you want to have a picture as the background of your site – or just one color?  Make sure that when you have a design style in mind – that it is both user-friendly and effective so visitors can easily browse the other pages on your website.

When choosing a color scheme for your site, most businesses already have a color scheme that may be in their logo – or colors that represent themselves – just like schools having two or three colors that also represent them.  These colors can be used – in addition to any other colors that you want on your site.


Website Features

BsnTech Networks offers the ability to make a feature-rich website for you.  We use technologies that help to reduce the cost of your website design – while allowing interaction for your visitors.

Contact FormAll of the websites we create are considered “dynamic” websites – not “static” websites.  With dynamic websites, it makes it easier for our customers to update their own website if they choose to do so.  With static websites, customers must know HTML programming in order to update or do anything with their site – but that is not the case with dynamic websites.

BsnTech offers several different features for your website.  Below are a listing of some of the most popular features.

  • A complete website for photographers so that they can upload pictures, watermark their pictures, setup password-protected picture galleries, and even be able to take PayPal payments so customers can order prints right on their website
  • Contact forms so visitors can fill out a form directly on a website to inquire about services – which is then sent to the website owner
  • eCommerce website design servicesMobile device compatibility so that if customers are viewing your website from a mobile device, your site is automatically tailored for mobile viewing instead of computer viewing
  • A website blog (usually used for personal sites) that will allow you to quickly make posts to your website to share with others.  A few examples include our Gardening and Computer blogs here at BsnTech (found under the Blogs menu at the top)
  • A website calendar so customers or visitors can easily see a list of events
  • A picture gallery so you can organize and categorize pictures for customers to view.  Useful for both personal and business websites to showcase family or vacation pictures (like our picture gallery under the Media menu above) or to showcase products available at a store
  • A picture slideshow that is useful to show motion and interaction for visitors – if a slideshow appears on your front page or another page
  • Hover-over and drop-down menus that allows for a good way to organize a large number of pages in categories – much like our menu at the top that includes both hover effects (the color changes when you hover over the link) and drop-down effects (a drop-down menu appears if you hover over Blog or Media above)
  • Slideshow website designVehicle listings which allow the ability to create a car dealership website that showcases vehicles that are available for sale
  • Real estate listings so a real estate company can create a website and display available properties for sale or for rent
  • Social networking integration (like on our front page) that allows visitors to give a Google+1 or a Facebook Like to share your site with others
  • Website statistics so the website owner can quickly see who is visiting the site, what time of day, what operating system and web browser they are using, what page or pages were visited, and if they found the site by a search engine
  • The ability to sell digital products online – such as an eBook or software product – that interface with PayPal for payments
  • eCommerce capabilities to sell products online with shopping cart technologies that interface with PayPal for payments

As you can see, there are a lot of different features that you can have on a website.  Each of these features do carry an additional cost so we can properly configure the feature and get it working on your website.

Are you ready to see what BsnTech Networks can do for you?  Use our automated web design quote system – OR Contact Us today!