Website Hosting for Exterior Services Pressure Washing

Joel, a current customer of BsnTech and owner of Baker Cleaning Service, contacted us about a month ago informing us that he was purchasing a business in his local area – Exterior Services Pressure Washing – and needed some help with their website.

We provided Joel some information on the cost of building a new website and the other services needed to ensure a smooth transition.  In the end, he decided to keep the website the business had but may have a new site created in the future.  In addition, he wanted us to facilitate the domain name transfer and website copy from Vistaprint.

We completed the website copy even before receiving any payment to ensure the website was backed up in case anything happened.

Yesterday, Joel made the payment for us to move forward with the domain name transfer and the hosting service.  We worked with Vistaprint to obtain the domain name and get it transferred.

Today, the transfer was completed and the services are now with our hosting and management services.  We had to re-create the contact form on the website and ensured it worked with our platform.

Joel has been a great customer of ours and we appreciate his continued business and trust in our reliability.

The website for Exterior Services Pressure Washing is