Website Hosting for Atlantic Roofing & Siding

Glenn, the owner of Atlantic Roofing & Siding, was referred to us by one of our other customers that highly rated us for professionalism, speed, and communications.

Glenn wasn’t too happy with the costs and response time of his current hosting provider and was looking for a change.  We spoke with Glenn over the phone a few weeks ago about our pricing and what we offer.

He was ready to move forward with BsnTech after speaking with us.  In addition to the website hosting, he asked to simplify his services and we also are providing domain name management services for him – so everything is on one yearly invoice without having to worry about expired credit cards or domain names expiring and being lost.

Today, the website has been migrated over and tested – he is now live with BsnTech Networks!

We appreciate the ability to serve Glenn and his website service needs.

The Atlantic Roofing & Siding website is at