Website Hosting For Keys For Healing, LLC

Keys For HealingRick and Christina contacted BsnTech Networks a few weeks back in regards to making some changes on their website.  Upon completing those changes, they were exceptionally impressed with the speed of the items that were done on their website.

We gave them a pitch about our website hosting services and they wanted to know more.  They sent several questions to us regarding our hosting services – in which replied in a very methodical order.  In their reply back, Christina noted in the e-mail that Rick said “Take this as I mean it, but I love this man“.  This quote was because they sent us a list of 10+ questions and when our reply was sent, they were ordered in an easy to understand manner that was fully complete with details.

Today, Christina gave us the go-ahead for the website hosting and we got their website transferred over from their previous provider – InMotion Hosting – which was more expensive than our hosting services.

In the end, we made a great impression on Christina and Rick and are very glad that they chose us for their website hosting.  Not only is our web hosting cost less expensive, our hosting is also more reliable on the base that it is mirrored between two redundant servers in two different locations.

Keys For Healing, LLC’s website is at