Website Hosting For Mackatan General Store

Chris, the owner of Mackatan General Store, contacted us in regards to website design service. He noted that he was referred by a customer of ours and they spoke very highly of us.

Chris is opening a new general store in MA and needed to just get a single one-page “Coming Soon” site up for now. Once the store opens at the end of May 2015, he intends on having us create a small website for it.

Once we got the payment from Chris for the website hosting, we put together a quick “Coming Soon” page for him at no extra cost. We valued the fact that Chris paid for the full year of website hosting and will have us create a website for him in a few months, so we extended a little bit of our time to put together the “Coming Soon” page.

We appreciate the business from Chris!

The Mackatan General Store website will be at

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