Website Hosting for Motley Fishing

Terry worked with us several years back to have us create a website for him.  A couple of weeks ago, he reached out to us with issues he was having getting plugins updated on the site.  When he would try to update a few plugins, the website would not work afterwards.

We assisted Terry with getting the plugins updated.  While getting this done, Terry also mentioned that some of his orders on the website were not getting marked as ‘paid’ after someone made a payment.

The main cause this happens is due to slower web hosting providers – or those that will overload their servers and that results in customer websites to load much slower.  The payment provider most likely timed out when trying to make the connection to his website.

So this weekend, Terry was ready to switch to our web hosting service.  We worked over the Labor Day weekend to get his website backed up – and setup on our servers.  We already can tell an increase in performance and the orders he has had so far have all been marked ‘paid’ with no issues.

We appreciate the fact that Terry remembered about BsnTech Networks and returned to us for additional assistance and web hosting!

The Motley Fishing website is at

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