Website Hosting for MTL Enterprises

JW, a current customer of BsnTech and owner of MTL Enterprises, contacted us this morning and was very frustrated with his current hosting provider.  Over the past several months, his website hosting account has bee compromised.  Each time he contacts his hosting provider, they indicate they have resolved the issue and it shouldn’t happen again.

Well, today – his website wouldn’t load at all.  JW’s website is a “static HTML” site so there should be zero method for his hosting account to be compromised.

We’ve worked with JW for a few years and provided website update services – but he was now ready to have us manage the hosting as well.

We made a copy of his website and moved it over to our hosting servers.  Spent some time optimizing and removing some files that were no longer being used for the website to save space.

The site is now moved over and live on our servers.  This should be the end of any hosting issues for MTL!

The MTL Enterprises website is at