Website Hosting for Proving Grounds, LLC

Sandra from Proving Grounds, LLC reached out to us this week needing some pictures updated on their website.  We assisted Proving Grounds, LLC with some website updates in 2018 so they still had our contact information.

After the changes were completed, we let Sandra know that the website seemed to be loading fairly slow and offered our website hosting services to help increase the website speed.

The next day, we received the ‘go ahead’ to assist with the website hosting.  Their current hosting provider had the same cost as our hosting with an SSL security certificate.  So they qualified for our lower hourly cost for website maintenance and also increased the speed and reliability of their website in the process.

The website originally took between five and six seconds to load with their existing provider.  After the change, the website loads in about three seconds now.

After the site was transitioned, they also requested to put a picture slideshow on the homepage and load more pictures into their gallery.  This was all completed within a 24 hour period of time.

We appreciate the continued business from Proving Grounds, LLC!

Their website is at

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