Website Hosting for Unified Custom Apparel

Johnnie, the owner of Unified Custom Apparel, reached out to us a couple of weeks ago needing help with his website.  He had a prior company create the site for him but it took them a very long time to create the site and stopped providing support to him.  Therefore, he was looking for someone else that could help him get the website up and running and open to take orders.

We worked with Johnnie directly with a consultation to answer questions he had about managing his website and configuring the site to work properly.  During this period, he opted to have us also host his website and get an SSL certificate for the site so he could take credit/debit cards directly on the website as the preferred method of customer payments.

Johnnie was also provided our video tutorials to help assist with getting his products setup and loaded properly.

We appreciate the business from Johnnie and will continue to support him with his website needs!

The website for Unified Custom Apparel is at