Website Maintenance For The Guardian Angel Telephone Welfare Check Service

Guardian Angel Telephone Welfare Check ServiceChristopher, the owner of The Guardian Angel Telephone Welfare Check Service, contacted us last week needing help with making some changes to his website.  After a few e-mail exchanges, he sent us the needed informatoin needed to update his website.

Upon inspection of his website, we found out that the website he had designed was a proprietary, custom-coded website that was “complied” using “ASPX” – or Active Server Page – technologies.  Because his previous website design company uploaded the compiled code to his web hosting server, it essentially locked all other web designers out from being able to update his website.

Christopher insisted that we continue to help him because of our great rates and excellent communication that we provided to him.

A few days later, Christopher sent us a note back saying he went down to the website design office and spoke with the Vice President demanding a copy of the code that would allow anyone to be able to make changes to his website.  His persistence paid off because they turned over the “source code” of his website.

We were then able to get to work right on the website changes he requested.  In less than 12 hours, we had the changes made to his website that he requested.  A couple of minor changes were needed here and there, but overall, the entire process and all of his requested website updates were done within 24 hours.

Christopher was very pleased with the response time and says that he will be having us make any and all changes to his website going forward.

The Guardian Angel Telephone Welfare Check Service website is at