Website Re-Design and Hosting for BuzzyGrill

Mark already had a website for his invention, the BuzzyGrill, but was not getting the response rate he was hoping for.  He had the website up for quite a while and had over 40,000 visits to the site.

He emailed us asking us to take over the website hosting services and to give the site a facelift.  We got started on the website right away and had a new design completed within a few days – all while still keeping his prior sales information.

We initially provided several recommendations to Mark on how to make the site work better which might lead to more sales – such as making the homepage more appealing, adding buy buttons on the homepage, and allowing for free shipping.  He agreed with all of these items although later decided that shipping would need charged because it varies depending where the grill is shipped.

The BuzzyGrill website is open again for business and can be found at