Website Work Completed For Playstation Examiners Store

Playstation Examiners StoreDiane, the owner of Playstation Examiners Store, contacted us a few weeks back asking about some updates she needed on her website.  After a few weeks, she contacted us back saying another individual was not able to complete the requested changes on her website.

Diane runs a website which interfaces with Amazon Web Services to pull a set of products that are then displayed on her website.  The goal is to then get customers/visitors to her site and to click through those links, which then goes over to Amazon.  Each time that someone purchases something from Amazon using a link from her site, she then makes a commission on that sale.

Unfortunately, there was an “update” routine that was to run in the background in order to update and refresh the products from Amazon’s site automatically, but this wasn’t occurring.

After understand what needed done, we got to work right away and fixed the problem quickly.  There were some configuration issues with her site that prevented it from connecting to Amazon properly to download that information.  In addition, a “cron job” also needed setup so that a script would be run every hour to look for updates.

We appreciate the business from Diane!

Diane’s website is at