Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 Upgrade

Last night I was doing some research on the Zoom Media Gallery – which I have used for over a year on my site.

I found that there has been some vulnerabilities in the Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 that was addressed and resolved with the latest version – Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 (Week 8 Release).

I know a few months back, I attempted to update my gallery to RC4 and it completely wiped out all of my galleries!  I wasn’t going to rebuild everything since I have over 750 pictures in my galleries at the time of this writing.

I setup the newest gallery on two client sites and they love it; it has many new features like automatically adding watermarks to images in the gallery to prevent individuals from downloading and printing them (if running a photography business) and also has the feature where it will not allow people to link directly to the picture because it hides the true address for the picture.

Well, I wanted to get this update on my site and another client site that I originally built using the Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC1.  The first thing I decided to do was to backup all of my tables that started with jos_zoom so I had everything.

I then began comparing the differences in the tables from my installation of Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC1 and another installation of a client site running Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4.  I found a few differences:

Table:  jos_zoom

Field:  custom_order
Type:  varchar(20)
Collation:  latin1_swedish_ci
<no attributes>
Null:  Yes
Default:  NULL

Field:  catimg
Default:  Change from 0 to NULL

Table:  jos_zoomfiles

Field:  imgname
Type:  Change varchar(50) to varchar(255)
Null:  Change No to Yes
Default:  Change <empty> to NULL

Field:  imgfilename
Type:  Change varchar(70) to varchar(255)
Null:  Change No to Yes
Default:  Change <empty> to NULL

Field:  imgdescr
Type:  Change varchar(20000) to mediumtext

Table:  jos_zoom_comments


Table:  jos_zoom_ecards


Table:  jos_zoom_editmon


Table:  jos_zoom_getid3_cache




So those were the differences in the database between Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC1 and Zoom Media Gallery 2.5.1 RC4 (Week 8 Release).

I then proceeded to uninstall the current version I had (2.5.1 RC1) and install the new version (2.5.1 RC4 Week 8 Release).

After I was done, I was extremely happy to see that with the latest release, all of my galleries and pictures were still intact!  Apparently before the creator of Zoom Media Gallery closed the project down indefinitely, he put out an update to address the issue of the galleries and media being deleted.  I have to thank the developer for that, because it made doing the update painless and seamless.

I have posted the newest version of Zoom Media Gallery under my Downloads section just in case anyone is looking for this version.  It is also available on the developer’s site, but I’m not sure how long it will be available there.